We guarantee!

We do our work by conviction! We set the bar high for us and our work! We are honest!! We stand behind what we recommend and implement! We are good at what we do!! We are faster than the rest when it comes to implementation. No hierarchies, efficient work ethic! We do not create elaborate PowerPoint presentations before getting down to work!

With all our heart and all our mind!

We do not need an extensive briefing before writing a press release! We work with our clients and with our clients’ clients on equal footing! We are transparent and straightforward, professional, creative and flexible! We respectfully decline to work with clients or on projects that we do not stand behind! With us, it’s all or nothing! And we pour our heart and soul into everything we do!

The Team!

Kristin is the founder of the network "Agence à la carte". If she is not active on behalf of clients or on the move, she takes care of her family, rages with her ​​dog and let cook her husband for the family and friends. She likes to organize (short) trips, whether to the Baltic Sea, to Thuringia or abroad - it must always be some time.

Ines is the creative organization talent in the team. She finds : Whatever you do, have fun and do it with passion! She don't like to do things by halves. She loves Hamburg , her family and the feeling of freedom when she travels to the North Sea with her ​​old cabriolet.


In our office, we are accompanied by our lovely, cuddly dog Cuna. We do a lot, but we cannot do everything ourselves. That is why we work with reliable and competent partners.

And some more...

We are not only a communication agency for clients in the lifestyle and the food industry. With the Lokalfavoriten, we also support companies in northern Germany to build up a reputation. In addition, we published our first vinophiles travel magazine "Porto & Douro Magazin".


We have close and excellent contacts with lots of journalists from professional and general interest press and, of course, an extensive knowledge of the German media landscape. Also, we know very well the German food industry (food industry, wine trade). And all this is based on over 15 years working in this business, both in communications and in industries for the food, beverages and other wonderful products.