What we stand for

Agence à la carte stands for communication about companies and their products that appeal to their customers’ senses. We identify with our customers and their line of products.

We only put the best products into our “shopping basket”. Be it apples, wine or handmade stuffed cabbage, they’re all tasteful!

Strategic Consulting and Concept Development

Our job is to define realistic business goals and put together the right set of polices. We support you as you need us in order to help you achieve your goals efficiently by working with you and your personnel.

Marketing Communication

Using a combination of several different marketing tools such as ads, the press and public relations is what it takes to make a company and its products well known on the market.

Content Marketing

We provide detailed and interesting content tailored to fit exactly to the target audience, ranging from press releases, websites, blog posts, persuasive picture galleries as well as user influenced web platforms.

POS Promotion

Promotions at point of sale, using coupons and promotional material, competitions, training, collection campaigns, packaging are some of the many ways we support our customers.


We have all kinds of events in our portfolio such as gala dinners, tastings, workshops and roadshows for the consumers and companies.

Social media

We make your brands and products known on Facebook and other social media sites by using strong and interesting content, meaningful visual pictures and other useful information.


cups of coffee and 4 cups of tea per day


typed words approximately


magazine made by our own: Porto & Douro Magazin


years and more of professional experience

Agence à la carte Kommunikationsberatung GmbH!

Here we are!

We put sensational products in the limelight

Kristin Rothe and Ines Sievers

Our clients

Our clients appreciate us for our unique work and know-how. You can be sure that just our handshake is our personal commitment to you. Our customers have been working together with us for many years and appreciate our dedication.

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